"Gunsmoke Gunther"
"GCH CH Brier Creek’s Dynoche Know Gunsmoke"
Ch " Hopecreek Mama Mia of Eastwood"
Dr. Jen Basile
After 5 year at Snowy Days and several wonderful puppies later, Gunther has gone to
live with (and is now owned by) my good friend and breeder Sherry Durst of
Winterborn Spinone.  Sherry had a tragic loss of her fabulous Stud and we decided
together Gunther would be a great fit to become her Winterborn boy!
GCH "Winterborn Jasper Adamantium of Snowy Days"
Jasper finished his Grand Championship at 20 months  
Snowy Days is SO proud of all this wonderful loving boy has accomplished at such a young age
and are very thankful for all of Handler Erica Cross's help with him!
GCH "Winterborn Jasper Adamantium of Snowy Days"
finishing his championship at 9 mnths old
with Handler Erica Cross
GCH "Winterborn Jasper Adamantium of Snowy Days"
at 8 months
"Jasper" moving in the show ring
"Jasper" at 12 weeks
"Jaspers" Sire
"Jaspers" Dam
Welcome to the USA
"Ch. Skerli Gavroshe "
aka "Angus"
Angus came to us at 4 months, stepped into the show ring at 6.5 months old at The National Dog Show and
won Best Of Breed over some top US Grand Champions.  

He finished his Championship at 12 months old and will begin campaigning 2019 with handler Erica Cross
who has done a fabulous job with him!

He is an Excellent example of a well structured Spinone Italiano and we are so thrilled to add him to the
Snowy Days group! The OFA Heart Echo Sonogram in the OFA link was done at 6 months old, to young for
OFA certification but done to confirm his heart is 100% and he is a happy healthy Import with a bright future.
"BOB" 6.5 mo's old at The National
Dog Show  and Group picture
“Excellent Hips”
““Ch Angus at The Spinone National at 11 months old in 2018”.
“Ch Angus at 6  Months”
“Ch Angus in the field”
“Ch Angus receiving his new Championship title”
“Penn Hip and Elbow And CA are clear”
GCH "Jasper’s" CA clear letter
GCH "Jasper" Featured on The Animal Planets
“The Road to Westminster 2018
GCH "Jasper" at The Spinone National
GCH "Jasper" at The Spinone National